Drone-Mission according to SORA-GER incl. approval requirements – Service Fee

999.00 MwSt.

SORA-Mission Complex


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Congratulations, you have received proof of knowledge. What now?

In the drone workshop you learned that one or more permits, permits or permits are required for some flights. The first customer orders have already arrived and you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong?
No problem, for this case we have developed our „Drone Mission to SORA-GER“ service. You can concentrate fully on the pure drone flight and we will take care of the permits, permits or permits with you in the preparation phase.
You will receive a checklist and, depending on the application, the appropriate forms, pre-filled as far as possible, which will help you in the best possible way in planning your mission. Then a joint online conference (approx. 1 hour) will be held, where you can clarify all open questions and evaluate the risk categories in the air and on the ground with us.
Together with you, we define sensible damage-preventing measures so that, in our experience, your application is very likely to be approved. If necessary, we will help you prepare an application-specific SORA-GER ConOps (= Concept of Operations) according to NfL 1-1163-17 and LuftVO for the permit application. This package serves as a price guide. For more specific applications or repeated types of missions, we will be happy to make you an individual offer after assessing the flight location on the map.

This service fee includes

  • Joint development of the risk categories “soil” and “air” according to NfL 1-1163-17
  • Joint determination and definition of existing damage-reducing measures, devices and facilities that affect the risk assessment with regard to the Ground Risk Class (GRC) and Air Risk Class (ARC)
  • Preparation of an order-specific SORA-GER ConOps (= Concept of Operations) according to NfL 1-1163-17 and LuftVO for the permit application
  • Preparation and submission of all permit applications to the responsible authorities (they may charge additional processing costs, which we will invoice you separately)
  • Joint online conference (approx. 1 hour) in which your questions about the forms are clarified